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Indigenous Negotiations Fellowship

Empowering Indigenous Leaders through Advanced Negotiation Skills

The Indigenous Negotiations Fellowship (INF) is a pioneering initiative designed to strengthen the voices of Indigenous leaders in the spheres of climate change, clean energy, and natural resource management.


To become the foremost center for excellence in Indigenous negotiations training, recognized for transforming the dynamics of Indigenous representation in global, national, and local negotiations.



Empower Indigenous leaders with specialized negotiation skills interwoven with their cultural values, traditions, and contemporary needs. The fellowship aims to build a new generation of Indigenous professionals who can effectively navigate the multifaceted landscape of negotiations within land rights, environmental stewardship, and legal advocacy.


The mission is to instill a strong sense of community and individual capacity to foster positive outcomes in negotiations that affect Indigenous peoples and their lands. The core of this mission is to create a sustainable, impactful program that honours Indigenous knowledge systems while equipping leaders with modern, practical skills to champion their causes with success and confidence.

Program Overview

The fellowship will provide a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the unique needs of Indigenous leaders. 

Key components of our program include:

  • Land-Based Learning: Connecting negotiation concepts with the land and environment to reinforce traditional knowledge systems.

  • Simulations and Case Studies: Practical, real-world scenarios that enhance learning and application of negotiation strategies.

  • Mentoring Opportunities: Guidance from experienced leaders and negotiators to foster skills and confidence.

  • Flexible Delivery: Accessible learning through a blend of in-person and online formats accommodates leaders from diverse locations.

Why Choose Us?

  • Culturally Integrated Curriculum: Our courses respect and integrate Indigenous legal orders and cultural practices, ensuring a learning environment honouring your heritage.

  • Community-Centric Approach: We co-create our curriculum with Indigenous communities, ensuring relevancy and responsiveness to current and emergent needs.

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned negotiators and respected elders who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

How Can You Support?

Your Impact

Your support paves the way for a cohort of skilled negotiators who will play a pivotal role in championing the rights of Indigenous Nations. Together, we can create a legacy of empowered leaders who will enact meaningful change for future generations.

Ready to Show Your Support?

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For more information and to stay updated on the Indigenous Negotiations Fellowship, please contact us or visit our website regularly for the latest news.

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